Unleash the power of light and transform your event into a mesmerizing spectacle. As a master of lightning, I specialize in creating electrifying experiences at festivals, business parties, and any event where the magic of controlled light takes center stage. Let me ignite your event with stunning effects and illuminate the night with unforgettable moments.



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let me design existing or new plots

Lightning plots are one of the most important steps into a professional event. Being organized is an essentials step towards epicness.

Lightning Plot Design

By following a well-designed lighting plot, event organizers can create the desired atmosphere, enhance visual impact, and effectively convey the intended mood to the audience.

3D Design Visuals

Not everyone can read plots or prefers to see it with their own eyes. That’s why I make 3D designs with the plots to show how it will look like in the actual venue.

I am justin

The ultimate fusion of an IT genius and a relentless light technician in the world of harder styles. By day, I conquer the realms of technology, but when night falls, my heart beats to the rhythm of the music, and I become the conductor of mesmerizing lights that elevate the experience to a whole new level.


hire me for your next project

I am a freelance lightning operator who mostly works with avolites and MA.

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